How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket

A really eye-catching idea that has become very fashionable lately is a hanging basket planted up with succulents.

You can use lots of different succulents or just one type if you prefer, and even incorporate trailing varieties for a vertical component.

Here I will cover how to make a succulent hanging basket, as well as some other beautiful variations on this theme such as wall hangings, picture frames, wreaths and bouquets.

The basic principles are the same and the finished results are truly stunning!

Succulents make lovely hanging baskets, orbs, bouquets, wall hangings, picture frames and wreaths. Learn how to create these unique decorations along with care and maintenance tips.

Getting Started – Create The Planting Medium

Hanging baskets made from metal and coconut coir can be purchased fairly cheaply from most garden centres, DIY stores and of course online, other types can be wicker with plastic lining.

If your basket has a plastic lining make sure to poke a few holes for drainage, succulents do not like wet feet.

Baskets come in many shapes and sizes and any can be used for this project, however do remember that larger ones will need more succulents to fill the space to gain the desired effect and will be heavier to hang.

This may end up costing a little more if you are using store bought succulents so an option to reduce this cost is to purchase fewer succulents some time before starting this project, and let them grow in size in containers and propagate babies for extra plants.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - Succulents Growing In Pots

You will need cactus mix soil, or a free draining soil with added grit and Perlite and fill about two-thirds of the way up the basket ready to add your selected succulents.

Choosing And Planting The Succulents

You can either have lots of different succulents with contrasting shapes, colours and height, or keep it to one variety for a striking display.

Carefully detach the plants from the pot, keeping as much root and stem as possible.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - Succulents Ready For Planting

Place taller plants in the middle and trailing ones around the edge for a balanced and attractive display.

Here are some well-known succulent types that can be used:

Echeveria Round rosette shaped in form and structure

Sedum – They are perfect for ground cover with some trailing varieties.

Aeonium – Delicate rosette formations with bright colourings.

Euphorbia – Vertical in structure, some are similar in appearance to cactus with spines.

Haworthia – Usually green in colour and often variegated.

Sempervivum – Also called “Hens and Chicks” with a round rosette structure and usually red and green in colour.

More Ideas

The principles above can be applied to various different planting formats that can all look fabulous in any space.

Have a look at some of these variations that you can try:How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - Picture Frame

Circular Orb

This can look absolutely spectacular and is achieved by binding up two regular hanging baskets together to make a sphere.

Coir baskets are better for this rather than the wicker variety.

This is slightly more difficult than a normal hanging basket so have a look at this video for a good explanation of the planting process.

Rather than fill the entire basket with soil, as this would be very heavy, the internal planting medium can be a mixture of soil, moss, Perlite, and packing foam or polystyrene.

Once both halves are filled with the planting medium, place a cardboard sheet over one half and use this to flip it over on top of the other half.

Now secure the two halves together with lots of strong cable ties or similar.

The outside surface can be left as coir or covered in sphagnum moss which is secured in place with further bindings.

Water the ball now and leave it to drain overnight.

Then poke holes into the medium and plant the succulents into the holes – you may need to tie them in with twine to help them stay in while they become established.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - A Succulent Spherical Orb

Depending on the size of your ball, the finished item may be quite heavy so make sure to hang it on a strong wall and using an appropriate bracket.


A really lovely idea that is gaining in popularity is a succulent bouquet for a wedding or christening.

For this you will need some strong wire and some florist tape or twine, and a selection of beautiful succulents – the rosette variations work well here and can be used as part of a normal floral display or purely succulents for a really unique look.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - Bouquet

Remove the succulents from their pot carefully and wipe any soil off. Try to keep as much stem as possible.

Take a 30cm long section of wire and pierce the stem through the middle, fairly close to the rosette.

Pull through carefully so there is the same amount either side, then bend downwards and twist together so you have created a strong wire stem.

For larger rosettes you may need to do this again in the opposite direction, leaving some space between the two piercings to maintain stem strength.

For smaller baby rosettes that you cannot pierce, you can tightly wrap the wire around the stem and secure with twine.

Once you have a number of these you can group them together attractively and wrap the stems with twine, then add any extras you like (foliage, paper, ribbon) for a full and beautiful bouquet.

Succulents can be replanted provided they are not out of their soil for too long and have not wilted.

Wall Hangings, Picture Frames and Wreaths

The principles of construction are similar for these creations.

The first step is to create a wooden frame in the shape and size that you want, with a recess for the soil and moss.

This then needs to be lined with plastic which is stapled in.

Fill the void with cactus compost and then moss. Then cover with chicken wire and secure carefully using a staple gun.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - Succulent Wreaths

You can now add your succulents by removing them from their pots carefully and poking the stalks through the chicken wire in an attractive pattern, making sure there is good contact with the planting medium.

If your frame is going to be hung vertically it is a good idea to either gently tie the succulents in place with twine and ideally leave it flat for about a week so that the succulents can get established to support themselves.

Care and Maintenance

All of these projects can be displayed inside as well as outside as long as you have a strong supporting wall and appropriately strong and secure brackets.

Care will need to be taken that the frame is fully waterproof and that the planting medium is not transferring moisture to the wall.

Succulents do need watering but do not like having wet feet. It is important to regularly check that the medium has not dried out fully.

If it does need watering a good option is to take the item down, mist it slightly with a spray bottle and leave it flat on a surface to soak in.

Once the surface is dry to the touch and nothing is dripping, they can be re-hung.


The succulent arrangements that we have covered here are gaining in popularity and create a really interesting and fashionable display.

It can take a bit of time to put together a wall hanging or a wreath for example, and the plants will need a little time to settle in and start to grow.

Once this is done however, the effect is absolutely stunning!

Why not start with a small version and see how it looks, then once you have the technique you can build up to a larger piece.

These would make fabulous and unique gifts for family and friends, for weddings, christenings, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How To Make A Succulent Hanging Basket - All Same Variety

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